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Apr 6, 2020

Do you want a big family? Or, do you want a smaller family but would like to implement some handy tips and tricks that big families have learned? Adele Collins shares her wisdom and practical advice for having more than the average size family.  She has seven children—six plus one on the way. 

Adele shares the joy and beauty of having a big family, along with the struggles and negativity.  Now, this episode isn't meant to promote a big family for every single family—many families have financial, health, fertility, or other reasons for having a small family. Every family size is absolutely beautiful, whether big or small.  This episode on big families is important because they are definitely a segment of our population that often gets a lot of negativity and bashing and are not always supported, so this is a way to support big families and show that big families are beautiful as well. It's obviously must more "socially acceptable" to have the average 1.9 children that most Americans have. This episode also encourages moms out there who maybe want a big family, but feel negative societal or familial pressures to not have one when they really want one. 
If you are a mom listening and never intend on having a big family or can't, that is 100% ok too!  For those who don't want to or can't have big families, Adele shares some tips she has learned from having a big family that also apply to families of every size.  So, whether you have one child, 10 children, or even no children because you are struggling with infertility, you will find this episode both inspiring and filled with practical tips you can implement in your families.