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Feb 17, 2022

Every mom knows about the dreaded first time having sex after having a baby. Most women are inappropriately told by healthcare practioners, family, and friends, to "grit and bear it." Some moms also continually struggle with the ability to experience pleasure during sex after having a baby. What if it didn't have to be so bad? Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed, D.O., a New York City based pelvic pain physician, talks about all things sexy in this episode. She discusses why many women should not do kegels, how most women with painful sex have a pelvic floor that is too tight or too loose, the two most important aspects of pelvic floor rehabilitation, and what next steps to take if pelvic floor physical therapy is not enough so that all moms can experience pain-free and enjoyable sex after babies.

You can find Dr. Ahmed on Instagram at @drtayahmed.