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Jul 26, 2022

How do we prevent our children from becoming victims of child abuse? While we as parents would rather just not think about it, the reality is that at least one in seven children in the United States experience child abuse. But, we as parents can do a lot to prevent it.

Consent educator and child abuse prevention specialist Rosalia Rivera discusses how to educate our children about body safety, boundaries, and consent along with how we as parents can minimize opportunities for abuse. She also talks about how to keep an open line of communication with our children to talk about these matters so that if they find themselves in a bad situation, they can tell us parents so that we can get them out of that situation.

Although most of us think of abuse happening at the hands of a stranger, Rosalia also explains that a lot of abuse happens between children or by a trusted adult, who gain access to children by grooming. She gives many tips on what to look out for in order to avoid children getting into these situations, how rape culture affects everything, how to teach our kids about secret safety, and shares invaluable resources, plus must more.