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Apr 24, 2020

Do you have mom guilt? In this episode, Dr. Ream discusses mom guilt—what it is, how to combat it, how to manage family dynamics when guilt stems from family members, plus much more.  Dr. Ream is a licensed clinical psychologist whose focus is on maternal mental health.  We at Mothergood are excited to finally bring you this episode on mom guilt, which is something we are 100% against and is one reason we even started Mothergood. Learn how to manage mom guilt so that it does not cause anxiety, become all consuming, create a lot of negativity in motherhood, or negatively impact the relationship with our kids. 
Dr. Ream runs the extremely helpful, educational, and uplifting Instagram page, @psychedmommy, which we highly recommend you follow.
Dr. Ream has also generously offered $10 off her Keeping Mommy in Mind online course with the code, "Mothergood10."